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From My Head To-Ma-Toes

My hands down, number one, all time favorite part of our yearly garden is the tomatoes. I’m sure I’ve already said it a hundred times or more, but I love tomatoes. You can make so much with them! Tomato soup (broth for other soups), salsa, pasta sauce, plus tomatoes are just plain good to eat!


I was very impressed when we walked through the garden Sunday night. Every plant had tomatoes on it and some of them were pretty huge. They probably won’t be turning red until July, but even the green ones are gorgeous. Plus, look at this one. Its the perfect shape, as well!

There is truly nothing more the essence of a Tennessee summer than a fresh tomato. And it is summer, now. As I mentioned in my last post, summer is official as of yesterday! Its time to step out into the gorgeous sunshine and warm weather, soon enough it’ll be cold again, and these beauties will be, once again, a year away.



The week is moving right along, it’s already half way done. Treat yourself, you’ve made it this far!



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