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Time Marches On

I’m a day late for my usual Sunday post. We’ll blame it on the holiday instead of me just being too lazy.

June is marching right along, it seems, and our garden is in full bloom.


We have some beautiful squash blossoms.


And some lovely squash. My mama actually made a squash stir-fry last night to go with supper. I, personally, don’t like squash, but it sure smelled good and they bring some beautiful color to the garden.

Also in bloom are our tomatoes.


More about them Wednesday though (as if those who have been following this blog haven’t heard enough!).

And our only surviving watermelon plant.


Not a fan of watermelon, either, but the idea of it is just so summery.

And, believe it or not, tomorrow is the first official day of summer. Summer is actually here. This year has gone so fast, already.

I know I mentioned this in last Sunday’s post, but the years have started going faster as I’ve gotten older. It reminds me of a song that, to be honest, I only know from the Andy Griffith show.

“There is a time for us to wander, when time is young and so are we. The woods are greener over yonder, the path is new the world is free.”

I am fortunate enough to still be in my wandering time, just entering into it even, but I’m old enough to know that it will go fast, and soon, the woods will be grey and the paths will be old, as the song says. When that time comes, these summers, the tomatoes and gardens and blooms will be just a distant memory.

It amazes me sometimes how, day to day, time seems to move so slowly, but when you look back, it’s just a blur. We will blink and it’ll be Christmas.

Like I said last Sunday, though, I’m not complaining. There’s still much beauty to experience.

I’ll leave you today with this photo of our newly found pepper (my second favorite part of the garden, behind the tomatoes).


Its still little yet, but it will make amazing salsa in due time.

See you all on Wednesday.



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