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The Georgia Album

My family and I recently took a trip to Georgia where we went to Senoia, where they film The Walking Dead, and Savannah.

Even though we really missed the beach, we had an amazing time staying in the city. It was the first time in six years we’d went on vacation and didn’t stay on the beach, though we did make a day at Tybee Island.

We stayed in a beautiful 1883 row home just two streets back from Broughton Street, right across from the 17 Hundred 90 Inn. We ate at The Lady and Sons, we went down to River Street, saw every park (even the Forrest Gump park, Chippewa Square), and had ice cream Leopold’s. We did everything you’re supposed to do when you go to Savannah and I took photos of everything.

So, for my Friday photo post, here is a collection of photos I took in Georgia.

If you’re new to WordPress like I am, clicking a photo will make it bigger and you can scroll through them that way.

Here are a few of my favorite in color.

(Look at those beautiful original floors!)

The best memory I have of the trip was waking up around seven one morning, just as the sun was starting to really light up my bedroom and hearing a horse drawn carriage go by on the street below.

As a history buff, I was in absolute heaven at that. Totally transported back to the 1800s. (At least, until I got out of bed and got ready in a totally modern bathroom, which I was incredibly thankful for).

It was a lovely trip and I absolutely recommend Savannah to anybody whose wanting to take it easy down South.

I hope you enjoy the photos. Have a lovely Friday!



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