Waiting in the Weeds

What is a weed?

According to Google, a weed is a wild plant growing where it is not wanted and in competition with cultivated plants.

So, could any plant, any flower, therefore, be a weed?

When I make flower arrangements with the fresh flowers from our garden, I love to include “weeds” for height and to mix it up a little. I want it to look natural and the cattails and tall grasses help to create that. And they look beautiful.

To me, the weeds are part of the beauty of the countryside. Close your eyes and think of the country. While there are many images that may come to mind, one of them that always pops up for me is the image of a field bathed in the orange light of a setting sun.

Its a sea in a landlocked state. If you’ve never sat and watched the grass sway in the wind, then you may not know, but it truly is.

It is the quintessential Southern backdrop.



So, when I took this photo of a “weed” the other day, I immediately posted it on Instagram (because I am a true Millennial).


I thought it was a lovely photo. To me, it was, as I said, quintessentially Southern. A forest on one said, a lovely white farm house on the other, the tall grass in the middle.

Imagine my surprise when someone said, “It’s just a weed.”

To me, though, it isn’t. And I realized this is a fundamental difference in people (I’ve been seeing a lot of these lately). Do you see a weed? Or do you see something more?


What do you see here? A flower? Or a weed?

There’s an important quote we should all remember the next time we take a walk through the field or a drive down a back road:

“The only difference in a flower and a weed is judgement.”



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