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The Tomatoes are Coming

Well, folks, this summer is moving right along. We are nearly fourteen days into June, already! It’ll be Fourth of July before you know it, then Labor Day, then we’ll look around and all of a sudden, its fall. When I was a kid, I would hear my parents and aunts and uncles talk about how, as you get older, the years go faster. I didn’t believe that would start in my twenties, but here we are.

Not that I’m complaining. There are so many beautiful things in life to experience. Such as our tomatoes that are starting to come in.


We have several small tomatoes, this is our biggest. It won’t be too long until they turn red and we can pick ’em off the vine and throw them on a sandwich. I discovered during my senior year of high school that the best summer lunch is a slice of turkey from the deli, a fresh tomato, and mayo on whole wheat bread.

If you ever want to know what Tennessee tastes like, this is it.

It is not just fried chicken and biscuits and gravy and barbecue, it is fresh tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, bologna sandwiches at lunch, and lemonade in the evenings. It is pure simplicity, when it needs to be.


Check out our beautiful tomato plants above. We had a huge rain last week and weren’t sure if they’d make it, but they’re doing just fine. Most of them, anyway.

Also, if you’ve ever wondered what Tennessee smells like, I would say it is most definitely the smell of a garden after a rain. Tomato plants have a smell to them, almost like a flower. Its distinct and every time I smell it I think of tomatoes.

It could also be the delicious wild oat smell you can catch on the breeze in the evenings. To me, that just smells like home.


Somebody must’ve been playing in the garden after the rain.


Have a good Sunday, everyone.



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