Paw Prints

I will be using Friday posts to share candid photos I’ve taken of different subjects/events/ect. This Friday, I’m sharing some photos I’ve taken of my babies, AKA, my gorgeous Rottweiler, Apollo, and my little devil, Lunah.


Apollo, with those big brown eyes and beautiful smile, never wants to have his picture taken, however, here he had the whole family outside playing with him, so I managed to snap a photo of his gorgeous self. Seriously though, this dog knows when you’re taking his photo and he hates it!


This photo was taken the same day. While we were outside enjoying a warm evening, Lunah made herself comfortable in a window – the perfect place to keep an eye on us and the birds. She’s too much of a fraidy cat to actually be outside for too long, so the window is the perfect place for her.

Enjoy this gallery with some of my favorite candids of my furbabes.



NOTE: Most of the photos in this album are older photos that contain my old watermark (“kayla fleming photography” or “kfp” in the corner), they are still mine though and require permission before being used or shared anywhere other than with this blog post.


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