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Its Mint to Be

Haha, very punny, right?

In addition to our garden, we also have herbs set out, on our patio. As I mentioned in my last post, we tried herbs in our garden, but they did not turn out. The weeds quickly overtook them and the dog tried to eat them.

Yeah, it just didn’t work.

We were advised by friends and internet resources that herbs aren’t crazy about full sun anyway, so this summer we put them on our patio, since it’s shaded most of the time anyway.


We’ve got mint, rosemary, German thyme, lemon thyme, and basil. We’re thinking about adding cilantro, as well, as we cook with it all the time.

Let me tell you, I love being able to walk out the door and grab whatever fresh herb I need for a recipe. I have a bad tendency to not put herbs on the grocery list, so it also helps me not forget. Got a recipe that calls for basil? You don’t have to worry about remembering it at the grocery store, grab it off the patio! Plus, fresh herbs are amazing – they smell amazing.

I really can’t advocate any more than that for growing your own herbs. (Ok, also, they’re fun to photograph and they make a great garnish!)


I’ve never had mint in my lemonade, but its truly a match made in heaven. This lemonade is just Paula Deen’s recipe with just a little bit more lemon juice or less sugar (one or the other, I’ve made it both ways and it tastes the same). I am a big coffee drinker and my mom likes to keep the glass bottles, so I put ice and two thin slices of lemon in a Starbucks Frappe glass bottle from Walmart and added the lemonade. The straw is from Ree Drummond’s collection at Walmart (because during school I almost exclusively drink from tumblers and those straws break so easily). Garnish with fresh mint and – voila! – lemonade that is pretty and delicious. This would also probably be pretty amazing with some Sonic Ice in a mason jar.

Mint can also be used as a great garnish/add in to tea – along with lemons!


You’ve made it halfway through the week, treat yourself with homemade lemonade and fresh mint! Its mint to be, remember!

See you Friday.



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