Hello, June

Well, its time for another Southern summer. School is out, the weather is hot, and the garden is growing.


This year, we have tomatoes (pictured above), cucumbers, peppers, squash, watermelon, and cantaloupe.


Oh, and onions, we also have onions.

We started our garden a few years ago. It’s my parents’ passion project every summer.


It started small, with just tomatoes and cucumbers, in a small patch of the yard right behind our house. Over the years, it grew and was moved to the edge of the field next to our yard. We have tried to grow just about everything. In the past, we’ve had corn (only discontinued this year), pumpkin, strawberries, and a variety of herbs.

Recently, we began trying to keep the garden more organic. We plant flowers around the outer edges, which seems to keep the bugs out of the plants (and is great for bees!). We also don’t put anything on the garden with the exception of fertilizer that we put down when we plant it. No pesticide or any additional fertilizer goes on after that.

A post about our garden seemed to be a good place to start this blog. Summers seem to revolve around the garden. Every room in the house is filled with fresh flowers from the garden, meals are complimented by fresh onions, tomatoes, and other goodies, evenings are capped by walks to the garden.

Really, though, its the food. I mean, come on. Who doesn’t want to bite into a big juicy burger topped with cheese, lettuce, pickles, and a tomato – not just any tomato, though, one you’ve spent your free time laboring on, nurturing, and waiting for.

Ok, yeah, its just a simple tomato, but it can really make a meal.

This summer, I’ll be taking on a new project to go along with the garden. I’m going to try to make pickles out of the cucumbers we’re growing. There’s another layer to add to that amazing fictional burger.

If anyone has any tips – on gardening or making pickles – I’d love to hear them. Leave them in a comment.

Happy Sunday! See you all on Wednesday.



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